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Which industry offers the highest pay to high fliers?

Salary benchmarking site has crunched the numbers to find out

Robo reports: how can you ensure cyber security?

Two CEOs of robo-advice firms came to Citywire to discuss some of the issues facing the market.

Eight wealth managers share their favourite summer jobs

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we asked our readers to reflect on the highlights of their past roles.

Investors eyeing flexible funds as rate rises loom

As the era of state-sponsored economic growth comes to an end, fund managers say diversification and risk management are key.

Manager video interview: Equity income manager avoids bond proxies but is full of energy

Stephanie Butcher looks for strong balance sheets, strong cashflows and the ability to grow those cashflows, and currently favours cyclicals and financials

BlackRock launches 11th ETF of the year

BlackRock has launched a commodities exchange traded fund (ETF) that aims to provide investors diversification ‘at a time when the correlation between historically uncorrelated asset classes is rising.’

Robo reports: 'there is a real appetite for new brands'

Two CEOs of robo-advice firms came to Citywire to discuss some of the issues facing the market.

Greece's return to the debt market receives lukewarm reaction

Asset managers have not unanimously embraced Greece’s return to the debt market this week with the country's €3 billion (£2.68 billion) five bond year issue two-times oversubscribed.

New providers aim to break into crowded platform market

As the FCA lays the ground for a platform market study, we explore the potential barriers to entry for new disruptors, from regulatory sluggishness to the dominance of the big players.

My asset allocation: Brighton IFA is 'evangelist' for trackers

How Stephen Antram of Antrams aims to achieve William Sharpe's global diversified portfolio at low cost.