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Carmignac Pfl Capital Plus A EUR acc

Classé 12 sur 23 en - Absolute Return EUR sur 12 mois
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Géré par

Julien Chéron

Carlos Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Carlos Galvis graduated with an MSc in Finance from the Universidad de Los Andes, and an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College. Carlos has extensive knowledge of international bonds, currencies and absolute performance products. In 2001 he joined CAAM London where he successively worked as a macro strategist, international bond manager and senior portfolio manager of the VaR fund range. Before joining Carmignac Gestion, Carlos was head of Amundi absolute return funds in London. He joined Carmignac Gestion in 2010 and took over the management of Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus, bringing with him extensive experience as a fund manager and global macro investor. Carlos has developed a multi-strategy approach within the fixed income team, focusing on generating returns while placing a strong emphasis on managing risk within the portfolio.


The objective of the fund is to outperform its reference indicator, the capitalised Eonia on an annual basis. The recommended minimum investment period is 2 years. The outperformance shall be sought by taking long and/or short positions on the fixed income, currency and commodity index markets via financial instruments. Strategies involving the volatility of these markets may also be implemented. The sub-fund aims to keep ex-ante annual volatility below 2.5%. The sub-fund uses an absolute return investment strategy. The reference indicator is the Eonia (Euro Overnight Average).


Absolute Return EUR sur : 28/02/2017 - 28/02/2018
  • Classement 12/23 Rendement total
  • Classement 14/23 Ecart-type
  • Classement 16/23 Perte maximale
Nom du fonds Currency Rendement total
11 GAM Multibond - Total Return Bd-EUR B EUR


12 BNY Mellon Absolute Return Bond C EUR

La position de change est couverte

La position de change est couverte



12 Carmignac Pfl Capital Plus A EUR acc EUR


14 R Opal Absolu EUR


Nom du fonds Currency Risque
12 HSBC GIF Euro Credit Bond Total Return AC EUR EUR


13 Swiss Life Funds (F) Rendement P Cap

La position de change est couverte

La position de change est couverte



14 Carmignac Pfl Capital Plus A EUR acc EUR


15 Morgan Stanley Absolute Return Fixed Income A EUR EUR


16 SEB Alternative Fixed Income C (EUR) EUR


Rendement total

Performance trimestrielle

au 01/01/2018 Annuel T1 T2 T3 T4
2017 1,7% 0,6% 0,7% 0,1% 0,3%
2016 0,1% -0,9% 0,1% 0,2% 0,6%
2015 -0,7% 3,3% -2,5% -0,6% -0,8%
2014 2,0% 1,2% 0,3% 0,6% -0,2%
2013 3,2% 1,3% 0,3% 0,3% 1,3%
2012 4,9% 1,6% 0,6% 1,0% 1,6%
2011 1,6% 0,3% 0,6% 0,1% 0,6%
2010 2,0% 0,4% 0,5% 0,7% 0,4%
2009 0,4% 0,6% -0,2% 0,1% -0,1%
2008 1,3% 0,3% 1,2% -1,0% 0,8%

Performance mensuelle

Rendement vs Risque

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  2. Belgique
  3. France
  4. Allemagne
  5. Irlande
  6. Italie
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Pays-Bas
  9. Espagne
  10. Suède
  11. Suisse
  12. Royaume-Uni

Information sur le fonds

  • Date de lancement14/12/2007
  • Taille de la share class801Mn
  • Devise de base
  • Code ISIN LU0336084032

Information pour achat

  • Minimum investissement de départ1
  • Montant minimum de versements périodiques1


La performance est pour la période indiquée (fin de mois à fin de mois, offre/offre, revenu brut réinvesti, calculée dans la devise indiquée).