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DNCA Invest Value Europe I

Classé 261 sur 483 en - Europe sur 12 mois
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Géré par

Isaac Chebar

Isaac Chebar was born in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. He graduated from the University of Sao Paolo majoring in chemistry, and has been working as a fund manager for 14 years. He currently holds the position of European equity manager at DNCA Finance, and prior to this he worked at Aviva Gestion d’Actifs-Paris, Tocqueville Gestion and SGAM where he also held the position of European Equity fund manager. He currently manages the Centifolia Europe Fund along with Grégoire Scheiff.

Don Fitzgerald

Don Fitzgerald has worked as an investment and finance professional in Europe for the over 15 years and spent the last eight years identifying, analysing and managing portfolios of undervalued securities in both the European equity and distressed debt markets. Prior to that he spent seven years in corporate and investment banking. An Irish national, he speaks fluent French and German and has extensive cross-cultural experience having worked in Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Paris. He completed the CFA programme between 2004 to 2006 and graduated in 1996 from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Business Studies and German. Don is currently a portfolio manager at DNCA Finance having joined the company from Tocqueville Finance SA in 2015.

Maxime Genevois


The fund will invest at least 2/3 of its total assets in equities of issuers having their registered office in Europe or exercising the preponderant part of their economic activities in Europe within the following limits: 75- 100%: European Equities or related financial derivative instruments (such as CFD or DPS); 0-10%: non-European Equities; 0-25%: debt instruments; 0-25%: other instruments. In case of adverse conditions, the sub-funds may invest up to 25% of its net assets money market instruments. The sub-fund may invest up to 10% of its net assets in UCITS.


Europe sur : 31/12/2016 - 31/12/2017
  • Classement 261/483 Rendement total
  • Classement 209/483 Ecart-type
  • Classement 235/483 Perte maximale

Rendement total

Performance trimestrielle

au 31/12/2017 Annuel T1 T2 T3 T4
2017 10,0% 4,5% 1,9% 3,4% -0,2%
2016 3,0% -5,3% -3,9% 3,8% 9,1%
2015 17,3% 21,6% -2,2% -6,4% 5,4%
2014 6,0% 6,7% 1,2% -0,8% -1,1%
2013 30,8% 6,0% 2,6% 11,8% 7,5%
2012 17,6% 5,8% -0,6% 7,2% 4,3%
2011 -3,6% 2,4% 0,2% -13,0% 8,1%
2010 4,8% 2,2% -6,4% 3,2% 6,2%
2009 24,1% -9,3% 12,7% 16,5% 4,2%
2008 -29,6% -13,5% -3,5% -6,6% -9,7%

Performance mensuelle

Rendement vs Risque

Enregistré à la vente

  1. Autriche
  2. Belgique
  3. France
  4. Allemagne
  5. Italie
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Pologne
  8. Espagne
  9. Suisse

Information sur le fonds

  • Date de lancement21/12/2007
  • Taille de la share class824Mn
  • Devise de baseEUR
  • Code ISIN LU0284395984

Information pour achat

  • Minimum investissement de départ200 000
  • Montant minimum de versements périodiques0


La performance est pour la période indiquée (fin de mois à fin de mois, offre/offre, revenu brut réinvesti, calculée dans la devise indiquée).