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Leigh Himsworth

Leigh Himsworth

A propos Leigh Himsworth

Leigh Himsworth currently works at Fidelity International as the lead manager on their UK opportunities fund. Born in Leeds in 1968 he studied Law at Newcastle University, graduating in 1989. Leigh’s working career began in accountancy roles before he completed an MBA at Bradford. He then moved into the investment arena, becoming a private client stockbroker with BWD Rensburg. Leigh took on his first pure fund management role with the Nestle Pension fund from 1998 to 2001 before returning to Rensburg, this time as a fund manager, specialising in UK mid caps. In 2006 he left Rensburg to join Royal London Asset Management where, as one of a seven-man investment team, he managed the firm’s UK Mid-Cap Growth fund. In July 2009 he left Royal London and joined Gartmore as head of UK equities. He then joined Eden Financial in 2011 before moving to Fidelity in 2014. Leigh holds the Securities Institute Diploma and ASIP qualifications. Away from the office his pastimes include supporting Leeds United FC, walking, chess and martial arts.

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  • mRated AA in mai 2017
  • jRated AA in juin 2017
  • jRated AA in juil. 2017
  • aRated AA in août 2017
  • sRated AA in sept. 2017
  • oRated AA in oct. 2017
  • nRated AA in nov. 2017
  • dRated AA in déc. 2017


  • jRated AA in janv. 2018
  • fRated AA in févr. 2018
  • mRated AA in mars 2018
  • aRated AA in avr. 2018

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