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Dernières nouvelles

Take the initiative and innovate, says our next gen panel

Firms need a culture that fosters innovation and enables advisers to generate ideas, according to a panel at the Citywire Next Generation Forum.

The Accumulator: Brexit leaves FTSE trailing

One year on from the Brexit vote and the FTSE 100 may be up, but it's trailing well behind other major overseas markets.

How should research be priced in a post-Mifid II world?

Being Mifid II-ready has become a competitive advantage which will set firms apart, according to Brij Malkan from BCA research.

Brexit one year on: what next for asset prices?

The FTSE 100 and exporters have made hay from the weaker pound, but weaker growth and higher inflation have cast long shadows over the outlook for the UK

L’avenir du métier de conseiller financier

Entretien avec David Charlet, Président de l’ANACOFI et de la FECIF.

Queen’s speech: new laws for ‘best possible’ Brexit deal

The Queen's speech set out plans to ensure UK's position is 'maintained and enhanced' post-Brexit, alongside a crackdown on unfair tenant bills and energy prices.

Diary of a digital investor: Nutmeg's first investment review

In the second part of the series, I find that I have three different risk profiles assigned by four robo-advisers and take a look at how Nutmeg invested my money.

Five fund managers react to the MSCI's China A Shares decision

Following the MSCI's decision to include China A Shares in its emerging markets index, five fund managers give their opinions on what this means for investors.

May fails to secure DUP deal ahead of Queen’s Speech

The Speech will set out the government's legislative agenda for the next two years.

Sterling falls, FTSE slips as UK faces ‘moment of truth’

George Soros, billionaire speculator who ‘broke the Bank of England’ in 1992, predicts Brexit could be reversed if economic damage is too high.