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BlueBay launches multi asset fixed income fund

BlueBay Asset Management has launched a multi asset fixed income fund in response to investor demand for this type of product.

Bank of England lifts rates for first time in decade

UK borrowing rates have risen to 0.5%, the first increase for more than a decade.

Three years on: checking in with the Pimco Total Return fund

Three years after Bill Gross's departure, how has the Total Return fund fared?

Ces gérants qui montent

Citywire révèle le nom des gérants ayant amélioré leur notation durant ce mois.

UK inflation holds at 2.6%, but could hit 3% by October

Investors thinks the Bank of England will sit on its hands for the next months.

Les gérants de fonds alternatifs nouvellement notés

Ce mois-ci, Citywire révèle le nom des gérants qui ont obtenu une notation dans la catégorie alternatif ucits pour la première fois

AXA IM launches global short duration bond fund

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has launched the AXA Global Short Duration Bond fund.

Top bond managers react to Britain's break away

With fixed income markets reeling from the EU referendum vote, Citywire Selector asked leading managers what is next for the asset class.

The five best Alt Ucits bond managers of the past five years

Citywire Global uncovers the fixed income specialists using unique approaches to achieve outperformance over past half-decade.

Pioneer EMD manager on top HY country bets and stocks

The high yield specialist has upped his Mexican bond exposure and also discusses his top overweights.