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Boutique turns AA-rated manager’s fund green

Boutique turns AA-rated manager’s fund green

Castlefield Investment Partners has launched a sustainable multi-asset fund as it overhauled several of its core funds into sustainable mandates.

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 Gérant moyenne du rendement total : 10,9% (vendredi 31 mars 2017 - samedi 31 mars 2018)
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Brexit one year on: what next for asset prices?

The FTSE 100 and exporters have made hay from the weaker pound, but weaker growth and higher inflation have cast long shadows over the outlook for the UK

Positioning for a post-election recession

With Thursday’s election looming how are managers positioned to weather what could well be another political storm and its aftermath?

Data science and active managers: a match made in heaven?

Making good investment decisions is dependent on having quality information, which is increasingly becoming subject to creating powerful algorithms.

Ethical investing takes off as funds outperform

Christine Dawson finds ethical investments are achieving attractive returns, but some fund firms may be merely paying the strategy lip service as the sector emerges as an increasingly popular choice.