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Neil Woodford

Neil Woodford

A propos Neil Woodford

Neil Woodford remains one of the best known and best performing fund managers in the UK market today. His large bets in the more defensive tobacco and utilities sectors, coupled with his dislike for the banking sector cost him during the stockmarket’s rally in spring 2003. However, Woodford characteristically bounced back, quite in keeping with his emphasis on investing for the long term, regardless of short-term sentiment. As head of investments at Invesco Perpetual Woodford controlled over £15 billion of assets, and spent 26 years at the company before leaving in 2014 to set up his own fund management firm, Woodford Investment Management LLP. He has a degree in economics from Exeter University and in 2013 was awarded a CBE for services to the economy.

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Citywire Rating: Non-Noté


  • sRated A in sept. 2013
  • oRated A in oct. 2013
  • nRated Plus in nov. 2013
  • dRated A in déc. 2013


  • jRated A in janv. 2014
  • fRated A in févr. 2014
  • mRated A in mars 2014
  • aRated A in avr. 2014
  • mNon-noté en mai 2014
  • jRated A in juin 2014
  • jRated A in juil. 2014
  • aRated A in août 2014
  • sRated A in sept. 2014
  • oRated A in oct. 2014
  • nRated AA in nov. 2014
  • dRated AA in déc. 2014


  • jRated AA in janv. 2015
  • fRated AA in févr. 2015
  • mRated AA in mars 2015
  • aRated AA in avr. 2015
  • mRated AA in mai 2015
  • jRated AA in juin 2015
  • jRated AAA in juil. 2015
  • aRated AAA in août 2015
  • sRated AAA in sept. 2015
  • oRated AAA in oct. 2015
  • nRated AAA in nov. 2015
  • dRated AAA in déc. 2015


  • jRated AAA in janv. 2016
  • fRated AAA in févr. 2016
  • mRated AAA in mars 2016
  • aRated AAA in avr. 2016
  • mRated AAA in mai 2016
  • jRated AAA in juin 2016
  • jRated AA in juil. 2016
  • aRated AA in août 2016
  • sRated AA in sept. 2016
  • oRated AA in oct. 2016
  • nRated AA in nov. 2016
  • dRated AA in déc. 2016


  • jRated A in janv. 2017
  • fRated A in févr. 2017
  • mRated A in mars 2017
  • aRated Plus in avr. 2017
  • mRated A in mai 2017
  • jRated Plus in juin 2017
  • jRated A in juil. 2017
  • aRated Plus in août 2017
  • sNon-noté en sept. 2017
  • oNon-noté en oct. 2017
  • nNon-noté en nov. 2017
  • dNon-noté en déc. 2017


  • jNon-noté en janv. 2018
  • fNon-noté en févr. 2018
  • mNon-noté en mars 2018
  • aNon-noté en avr. 2018
  • mNon-noté en mai 2018
  • jNon-noté en juin 2018
  • jNon-noté en juil. 2018
  • aNon-noté en août 2018
  • sNon-noté en sept. 2018
  • oNon-noté en oct. 2018

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