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Man detained for pushing ex-BNY compliance boss under tube

Man detained for pushing ex-BNY compliance boss under tube

A man charged with attempted murder after pushing BNY Mellon’s former compliance boss into the path of an oncoming tube train has been detained under the Mental Health Act.   

Alan Alencar had been on day release from a psychiatric institution in Edinburgh when he travelled to London in November last year to visit his mother.

Alain Lesjongard was left with multiple injuries including a broken ankle after Alencar pushed him into the path of an oncoming train during the rush hour at Bayswater station.   

Judge Sara Munro said it was ‘miraculous that Mr Lesjongard was neither electrocuted or killed’ as he fell between the tracks, the BBC reported.

The driver attempted to brake but was unable to stop the train before it rolled over Lesjongard, and has since experienced flashbacks and not felt able to return to work

Alencar had earlier offered a ‘heartfelt apology’ for his actions. His lawyer said he had been in a ‘bad way’ at the time of the incident  

Munro added: ‘You had been living in another world for years and had remained detached from reality. I am quite satisfied that you are suffering from a severe and enduring psychotic illness. The diagnosis is unambiguous.’

Lesjongard served as managing director and head of international compliance at BNY Mellon for more than a decade to December 2016.

He previously headed compliance in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Citigroup.

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